Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sarah Young, 1874-1939

Another servant found in the Jones family household was Sarah Young. She is buried in the Jones family cemetery in southern Lafayette County. So often what we find in our genealogical research is information about mothers and fathers. After all, we are looking for our ancestors aren't we? Overlooked and unremembered (is that a word?) are the single people, especially the ones that are dislocated from their siblings and parents. Sarah was one of those people, as was her friend William Hardcastle. Possibly the only sign of Sarah today is her grave marker and the census information below. Take a few seconds to think about Sarah and her life.

1900 Census
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Beat 4
John Browning 70 IL VA SC landlord
Sallie J. 39 TN NC NC
James Jones 19 MS stepson
Lena A. Jones 15 MS stepdaughter
Georgia Jones 13 MS stepdaughter
John Jones 8 MS stepson
Norwood Jones 4 MS stepson
Sarah Young 24 MO Eng Mexico (born 1876)

1910 Census
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Taylor township
Sallie J. Browning 48 widowed TN NC NC boarding house owner (born 1862)
Johnnie P. Jones 18 MS MS TN "son" helper, I.C. Depot
Norwood Jones 16 MS MS TN "son" laborer, driving team
Sarah Young age 38 PA Eng Eng servant (born 1872)
William Hardcastle age 86 single Eng Eng Eng no occupation

1920 Census
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Beat 4
Norwood B. Jones 24 MS MS TN farmer
Carrie Mae 22 MS MS MS
Marvel Marie 5 mo old daughter MS
Sarah Young 44 PA Eng Eng "servant private family"

1930 Census
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Taylor village
Norwood B. Jones 34 MS MS TN farmer
Carrie 32 MS MS MS school teacher
Marvel 11 MS daughter
Norwood L. 9 MS son
Mitchell L. 7 MS son
Sarah H. Young 60 single MS MS MS "housekeeper" with line drawn through


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