Saturday, January 24, 2009

Between the stadium and coliseum

The soldiers who rest in the Confederate cemetery on the Ole Miss campus are resting in prime real estate. Wonder what they would think of their surroundings today? Above are the views from the cemetery of the basketball coliseum (top) and the football stadium.


  1. Mona, I always enjoy your posts. What a contrast one sees in the pictures you posted here today.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the Confederate Graveyard on the Ole Miss campus --- it has been far too many years since I've seen it! That portion of the campus has undergone such changes in my lifetime --- and the cemetery had escaped my memory until your two posts.
    Terry Thornton

  3. Thanks, Janice, the contrast is what caught me too. Just a few short steps from the quietness of the cemetery is the hustle and bustle of a college campus and its athletic programs. Terry, you will have to come over to Oxford some time for a cup of coffee and a visit to the campus. Under the Khayat era, the Ole Miss campus has really blossomed.