Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Under the shade of cedars

It is a pretty good bet that the shade of the oldest trees in a cemetery covers the oldest graves. The roots of this old cedar tree in Sand Spring Cemetery in southwestern Lafayette County are pushing forward the tombstone of James and Nancy Dunlap.

James Dunlap
Oct. 24, 1868
Aged 83 years
Nancy Dunlap
Dec 30, 1864
Aged 76 years

James Sanford Dunlap was born in 1784 in South Carolina and was married to Nancy Agnes Simpson, an Irish immigrant, in 1808 in probably Laurens District, South Carolina. With a surname of Simpson, it is a pretty safe assumption that Nancy was Scotch-Irish and probably arrived with a group of Coventanting Presbyterians to South Carolina.

James and Nancy appear to be relative late-comers to Lafayette County, arriving between 1850 and 1860, from Shelby County, Alabama. Can you imagine the life and travels of Nancy Simpson Dunlap?

1860 Census
Lafayette County, Mississippi
Post Office: Paris (Orwood post office was established until 1881)
Jas Dunlap 75 SC farmer, $1600 real property, $2500 personal property
Nancy 73 Ireland
Sarah 18 AL

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