Friday, March 6, 2009

Joshua, son of A.S. and N.M. Green

Underneath a large, old cedar tree in Sand Spring Cemetery lies a pile of stones, obviously piled to mark a grave. At one end of the mound there is a tall marker for a little boy who was just eight months old when he died in November 1861. It is not known whether the infant is buried beneath the pile of stones or if another family member is buried there.

Joshua W. Green was the son of Andrew Shuler Green and Nancy M. Dunlap. You may remember the Dunlap surname from a previous post. Nancy was the daughter of James S. and Nancy Simpson Dunlap.

Sand Spring Cemetery is located in the Orwood community of southwestern Lafayette County, Mississippi.


  1. These children's graves are sad to look upon, but also reminds me that someone loved and cared for the little one. Thanks, Mona.