Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reuben Tankersley

One of the oldest graves in the College Hill Presbyterian Cemetery belongs to Reuben Tankersley who was born in 1788 and died in 1844. His grave is marked by a plain but elegant stone slab. Reuben is believed to have arrived in Lafayette County in 1842, the same year the Presbyterian Church bought land for its church building. The building wasn't completed until 1846, two years after Reuben's death.

Reuben and his wife, Aisley, had several children, and many of their descendants are buried in the cemetery with them.


  1. Reuben, my 3rd g uncle, was born in near Greenville, on the date shown. He was senior in a family of 4 sisters and 4 brothers, He was living in Jefferson Cty, Ala in 1818, when he married Ailse Scott(also: Aisley, Ailyce, Alice, Aelesh, and in his probate papers Ailece)They moved to Greene Cty, Al. before 1833, where he was apptd JP and performed 7 weddings between 1833-1836. In Aug 1842 they moved to Lafayette County Miss., buying and clearing land near College Hill. 3 sons, 6 daughters. (sources available)

  2. Sorry, that would be Greenville, SC. His brother George, Jr, ended up in Tishomingo Cty, after also living in Greene Cty, Al. His brother Nehemiah died in Itawamba, Cty, brother Richard lived in Jefferson Cty, Ala until 1856, when he moved to Texas by way of Ouachita Cty, Ark. Three of the sister's may not have left SC, a fourth, Judith T. Garrison, died in Pontotoc Cty.
    Some folks think that Ailse's name was pronounced like the Irish name "Aileesh".

  3. Bill,

    My father is descended from Reuben Tankersley through his mother, Marjorie Tankersley Lewis. He wanted to get in touch with you to talk about Greene County. Please email me or him: glewis@hickmanlaw.com or wlewisjr36@gmail.com. Thanks!

    Goodloe Tankersley Lewis

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  6. Hi everyone. I am doing my genealogy on the Tancre side. Tancres consist of Tankersley, Tancresleia, Tanksly, Tankerle, and others. I discovered that this Reuben is the son of one of my relatives, George Tankersley who married Elizabeth Tarrant, Reuben's mother. Thus I know that this Reuben Tankersley is related to my ancestors Reuben Tankersley, b. 1640, and his wife Sarah Ann Beverly, 9th great grandparents.

    If you can help me with my genealogy or would like to exchange information on the Tancre line, kindly email me at XalilAbd@live.com. My current interest is finding the actual parents of mutual ancestors, Reuben and Sarah. All the genealogies beginning with Henry as Reuben's father is a false genealogy, so I need help discovering our mutual ancestors' parents. I would really enjoy hearing from you.